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| Statistics

Members (Ph. D.)

Alpuim, Teresa
Barão, Isabel
Costa, Marco
Gomes, João
Nunes, Maria Helena
Ramos, M. Rosário

External Collaborators

Pereira, M. Teresa T. da Silva


Amorim, Marli
Fernandes, Joana


Regression Analysis; Time Series; Analysis of Variance; Environmental Statistics.


The main general objectives of this group are the study and development of statistical methods, mainly in the fields of linear and generalized linear models, time series and spatial statistics, in view of its application to environmental, earth and health sciences.

For 2008, our main objectives were: study of statistical predictive models to describe the mortality of certain diseases; continue the research on statistics applied to marine biology, more especifically, the relationship between coastal upwelling and the development of phytoplankton blooms; development of a statistical methodology for water quality monitoring.

From a more theoretical point of view we continued the research on linear models with correlated errors and on logistic regression.


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