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| Mathematical and numerical methods in Mechanics

Members (Ph. D.)

Barbarosie, Cristian
Barroso, Ana Cristina
Campos, Luis Trabucho de
Chemetov, Nikolai
Fernández, César Rodrigo
Ferreira, Maria João
Lopes, Sérgio Paulo Fino de Sousa
Marques, Manuel D. P. Monteiro
Quintino, Aurea
Santos, Susana
Simões, Bruno
Toader, Anca-Maria
Van Goethem, Nicolas [Investigador FCT 2013]


Lopes, Nuno David de Jesus

External Collaborators

Mascarenhas, Maria Luísa
Pacheco, Rui


Calculus of Variations; Shape and topology optimization; Differential inclusions in Mechanics; Harmonic maps; Dislocations, Brittle and ductile fracture


- Minimization, in the space of special functions of bounded variation, of energy functionals including bulk and surface energy terms, subject to boundary conditions.

- Study of asymptotic developments of solutions of elliptic problems relative to the volume of an infinitesimal inclusion/hole, as related to the topological shape derivative and Saint-Venant’s principle.

- Study of properties of cost functionals in free material optimization, with special emphasis on lower semicontinuity in H-topology.

- Qualitative behaviour of ppmc isometric immersions.

- Infinitesimal deformation of harmonic maps.

- Study of stability of quasi-static paths for 1-D deformable media.

- Study of dynamics with friction, including Painlevé’s examples.

- Study of non-convex differential inclusions, involving orders.

- Study of Euler equations with non-homogeneous boundary conditions.

- Discretization of Navier-Stokes equations

- Dislocation models (geometry, dynamics & homogenization)

- Fracture models (numerical simulation of brittle fracture by level-set  and topological methods & ductile elasto-plastic fracture


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