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| Mathematical Biology

Members (Ph. D.)

Aguiar, Maíra
Ballesteros, Sebastien

Said, Peyman Ghaffari G. [EPIWORK]
Skwara, Urszula
Stollenwerk, Nico [Ciencia2007]


Mateus, Luis
Rocha, Luis Filipe Pinho

External Collaborators

Brito, José Américo Almeida de
Combadão, Jaime
Gerrish, Philip
Pinto, Alberto Adrego


Dynamical syststems; stochastic dynamics; parameter estimatation (on biological data); theoretical epidemiology.


Objectives of the group are investigations into biomathematics, especially epidemiology and ecology. The ecoology of multi-strain systems are of major importance in understanding manmy disease spreading processes, like meningitis, dengue, influenza and others.

We investigate several tools from dynamical systems and the mathematics of phase transitions to understand better the spread (or not) of diseases in human populations.




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