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Members (Ph. D.)

Costa, José Felix
Edmundo, Mário Jorge
Eleftheriou, Pantelis E.
Ferreira, Fernando
Ferreira, Gilda [pós-dout]
Oitavem, Isabel
Prelli, Luca [Marie Curie grant]
Servi, Tamara [pós-dout]
Tupailo, Sergei [Ciencia 2008]
Usvyatsov, Alexander [Investigador FCT 2012]


Enes, João Filipe Pereira da Silva
Poças, Diogo Miguel Ferreira

External Collaborators

Dinis, Bruno
Engrácia, Patrícia Conceição M.
Fernandes, António Marques
Kahle, Reinhard
Morgan, Charles
Pereira, Luís Miguel da Silva
Protin, Misha


o-minimality; functional interpretations; computability; complexity.


The Model Theory group has the greatest number of people within the  Logic Group and it is rather homogeneous. The group is lead by Mário  Edmundo and the work focus on o-minimality but it is not restricted  to that (e.g., Alexander Usvyatsov is a specialist in continuous  model theory). O-minimality is a specially felicitous topic in that  it has allowed collaboration with other groups at the University of  Lisbon. The long term objective is to consolidate its international  standing and turn it into a hub of Model Theory in Europe.

Proof Theory has been pursued by Fernando Ferreira, in association with some collaborators and students. Presently, the work focus  mainly on Functional Interpretations but with the arrival of Sergei  Tupailo new directions of research will be opened. The group is  expected to remain small, but very active. So far, the research has  been theoretical, but applications (specially to Analysis) are  something of a goal. There is also a measure of interest in the  Philosophy and Foundations of Mathematics.

Félix Costa has been a very active researcher in so-called  “Unconventional Computation.” He has been recently studying the  coupling of Turing machines with abstract physical experiments viewed  as oracles. Costa’s output and involvement with the international  community is very visible. Finally, Isabel Oitavem has been doing  research in implicit computational complexity and, to a certain  extent, bounded arithmetic.

The (twenty year old) weekly Mathematical Logic Seminar has been rather successful recently, not least as a medium of aggregation of  the Logic Group. Occasionally, other seminars are also organized by the Logic Group, viz the Model Theory Seminar or the Working Group on Logical Questions.

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